Project First Rate Launches Rebuild Rockford


Rebuild Rockford is a pre-apprenticeship program in which participants earn a stipend and a guaranteed place in an apprenticeship program of their choosing. For more information visit

The Building & Construction Trades provides FREE apprenticeship training that you can take pride in your life with. This DEBT-FREE training provides a great and comprehensive way for a you to acquire the experience and instruction to establish a career without any debt! As an apprentice, you can earn a living wage AND get education paid for and even raises as time goes on.

Rebuild Rockford

Rebuild Rockford has the goal of restoring a blighted home in an area of need with oversight from the building trades, and in addition, we will recruit individuals of lower economic standing and allow this experience to be an introduction into a career in the Building Trades. The intention will be to improve the local area by restoring a sense of pride in a neighborhood through improving homes. Simultaneously improving job and life skills for those participating in the initiative. In addition, these renovated homes will be available for purchase to local first responders at cost of materials. By keeping local first responders in the city, and in areas of need, we believe this will improve the strength of neighborhoods by introducing strong mentors into their community and will humanize emergency response personnel and ensure that quality assistance is just up the street.

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